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Press Information 20.09.2023

Innovative music distribution software opens up new possibilities for artists and labels, music distributors and Merlin Network customers.

Buchholz, September 20, 2023 – We are pleased to announce the launch of our innovative music distribution software, the Futureaudio CMS, which provides artists, labels, music distributors, and customers of the Merlin Network with access to leading DSPs worldwide, including Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and distribution services. Developed with state-of-the-art technology, the Futureaudio CMS serves as a digital hub, offering you a comprehensive and continuously expanding set of features to simplify your digital workflow.

Christian Quast, CEO of Futureaudio GmbH, explains: “With our Futureaudio Content Management System, we are completing a journey we embarked on many years ago. There is still a lot that needs to change, in addition to artist compensation, and affordable technological alternatives are urgently needed for music creators in the independent music industry. We are now doing our part and have ambitious plans ahead.”

    Key Features

    Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface allows both beginners and professionals to easily upload and manage their music.

    “White Label” Option: This feature enables you to configure the platform to best represent your company’s branding.

    Product and Track Management: Optimize your music and albums with metadata and cover art for a professional presentation.

    Bulk Importer for Mass Imports: Easily upload and manage large music catalogs.

    Multiplatform Publishing: Artists can simultaneously release their music on platforms such as Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, and YouTube to maximize their reach.

    Product Quality Control before Delivery: This function ensures that all metadata is accurate, cover artwork meets standards, and music files are flawless. It allows for meticulous quality checks before your content is published on DSPs.

    Client Management, Including Sub-clients: Our CMS facilitates smooth client management, including your own ISRC and UPC code keys, ideal for music service providers and labels representing multiple clients.

    Flexible Rights Management for Clients: An integrated rights system provides precise control over access rights and permissions, ensuring content security.

    Sales and Streaming Analytics: Detailed insights into sales figures and streaming data help optimize your strategy.

    Automated Billing Interfaces for DSPs: Integrated billing interfaces for DSPs simplify transparent and timely billing for your clients.

    Management and Delivery to Your Own DSP Contracts or Distribution Agreements: Our Futureaudio CMS offers a central platform for managing and delivering content to your own DSP contracts and distribution partners, including Direct Deals, Merlin Network, and distribution agreements.

    DSP Configurator: Streamline DSP integration through automated processes.

    And much more…

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      Futureaudio GmbH

      Technologie, Musik Produktion & Vertrieb

      Our goal is to establish long-term and successful partnerships with our customers. To achieve this, we combine personalized service with forward-thinking technology.

      We have a longstanding international distribution network that encompasses all relevant services in the fields of music, film, TV, and e-books. We distribute and license digital content of all kinds across genres. In addition, we produce physical media and have an affiliated music publishing arm.

      Furthermore, Futureaudio GmbH is the partner for high-quality music productions across all genres, with a focus on in-house productions.

      Over the past 25 years, we have built a robust platform consisting of artists, labels, and digital and physical distribution partners who support our business activities worldwide. With our various in-house labels, analog and digital music studios, and extensive experience in artist and label management, brand development, and marketing, we possess comprehensive skills for the professional development and successful placement of music content across genres.

      Additionally, we have an international network of partners for digital distribution and the sale and licensing of video content, including VR, 4K, and 3D content, to platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Watchbox, Studio Hamburg, NDR, and more. Genre-specific YouTube channels for film content provide another avenue to reach a broader audience.

      To ensure you maintain control and oversight of your digital content, our Futureaudio Content Management System serves as a central hub for all your activities.


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