The Digital Service Provider (DSP) contract management in the Futureaudio Content Management System (CMS) is known for its exceptional flexibility and functionality. his powerful tool provides clients with the ability to manage their digital distribution contracts in a way that perfectly suits their individual needs.

One outstanding feature of this contract management is the comprehensive rights system that gives clients control over their distribution contracts. This allows clients to configure settings for their customers so that they can make the most of their existing distribution contracts. At the same time, there’s the option to use the client’s distribution contracts in complementary ways to offer a broader range of distribution opportunities.

The flexibility of this contract management also extends to the ability to integrate individual integrations for each client. This means that clients can create customized solutions for their specific needs. It allows for optimal adaptation to the respective business models and customer needs.

With the DSP contract management in the Futureaudio CMS, clients have control over their distribution strategies and can adapt them to achieve their goals. This flexibility, combined with a robust rights system and individual integration options, makes DSP contract management a valuable tool for companies in the music industry.

Overall, the DSP contract management in the Futureaudio CMS provides clients with the opportunity to efficiently manage their distribution contracts while offering customized solutions for their customers. It contributes to optimizing music publishing and management, creating a seamless experience for our clients and their customers.