The client system and user management of the Futureaudio Content Management System (CMS) represent a powerful and flexible solution that allows our clients to meet their individual requirements and needs to the fullest extent. These features form the backbone of the CMS and provide comprehensive control over user and client management.

One of the outstanding features of this system is its flexible user management. Our clients can create user profiles, define access rights, and customize the software to meet the requirements of their company. This means that companies have control over who can access which functions and data, while also ensuring the security and integrity of their information.

One particularly important feature is the ability to store custom ISRC keys for each client. ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) ist ein entscheidendes Element in der Musikindustrie, da es zur eindeutigen Identifikation von Musiktiteln verwendet wird. By storing their own ISRC keys, our clients can manage their music titles more efficiently while ensuring accurate attribution.

Client management enables companies to oversee various customers or departments within the software, maintaining control over ISRC keys, users, and permissions. This is particularly valuable for music service providers and labels representing multiple clients who need to ensure that music tracks are accurately categorized and identified

Overall, the client system and user management of the Futureaudio CMS offer high flexibility and control. It allows companies to streamline their processes, ensure security, and effectively manage all relevant information. This helps increase efficiency in music management and publishing, creating a seamless experience for our clients.