The product quality control before delivery to Digital Service Provider (DSP) partners in the Futureaudio Content Management System (CMS) ensures that clients have full control over the release of their music content on DSP platforms. This feature is crucial to ensure that all standards and requirements are met, and the quality of music content is guaranteed.

Clients have the ability to control deliveries to DSP partners, whether it’s for adding new content, updates, or withdrawing products (takedown deliveries). This means they have full control over the entire release process and can decide when and how their music appears on the platforms.

A real-time status system provides essential information about each product. This allows clients to track the current status and publication status of their content at a glance. This transparent insight is crucial to ensure that everything is going as planned.

The product control also includes monitoring the standards for each DSP partner. If a deviation from the guidelines is identified, it is reported within the CMS, and a correction is necessary. This ensures that the quality and consistency of the music content on the platforms are maintained.

Furthermore, there is the option to reject content during quality assurance and communicate this rejection to clients through an internal communication system. This means that clients are immediately notified when a correction is required. They can then make the necessary changes in accordance with the guidelines for audio content and resubmit the product for review.

This proactive communication and internal exchange minimize the need for email communication. Instead, there is immediate and targeted communication only regarding the specific product in question. This results in efficient and effective management of music publishing on DSP platforms.

Overall, the product quality control before delivery to DSP partners in the Futureaudio CMS provides a comprehensive solution that gives clients full control over their music content while ensuring quality and consistency on the platforms. This helps optimize the release process and facilitates a smooth exchange of information and corrections.