Buchholz, 20.09.2023 – We are pleased to announce the launch of our innovative music distribution software, the Futureaudio CMS, which facilitates access to the world’s leading DSPs, including Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and distribution service providers for artists, labels and music distributors as well as customers of the Merlin Network. Developed with the latest technology, the Futureaudio CMS acts as a digital hub and offers you an extensive, ever-growing range of functions to make your everyday digital life easier.

The main features of the Futureaudio CMS include:

Easy to use: The user-friendly interface allows both beginners and professionals to upload and manage their music with ease.

“White label” option: which makes it possible to configure the platform and thus represent the company CI in the best possible way.

Product and track management: Optimize your music and albums with metadata and cover art to ensure a professional appearance.

Bulk Importer for bulk imports: Easily upload and manage large music catalogs.

Multiplatform publishing: Artists can release their music simultaneously on Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, and YouTube, among others, for maximum reach.

Pre-delivery product check: With this function you can make sure that all the metadata is correct, the cover artwork meets the standards and the music files are flawless. This allows for a thorough quality check before your content is published on the DSPs.

Tenant Management Including Sub-Tenants: For music service providers and labels representing multiple clients, our CMS enables smooth tenant management to keep track, including the provision of their own ISRC and UPC code keys.

Flexible rights system for clients: An integrated rights system ensures precise control of access rights and permissions to ensure content security.

Sales and streaming analytics: Detailed insights into sales and streaming data help optimize your strategy.

Automated Billing Interfaces for DSPs: Integrated billing interfaces for DSPs make transparent and timely billing of your tenants easier.

Management & delivery to own DSP contracts or distribution agreements: Our Futureaudio CMS provides a central platform for administration and delivery to own DSP contracts and distribution partners (e.g. Direct Deals, Merlin Network, distribution contracts).

DSP Configurator: Easy connection of DSPs through automated processes

And much more ….

Futureaudio GmbH – 25+ Years of Innovation in the Music Industry

Over the past 25+ years, Futureaudio GmbH has become an integral part of the music industry. The company is known for its continuous pursuit of innovative solutions and its pioneering role in forward-looking products and industry trends.


Christian Quast, Managing Director of Futureaudio GmbH, explains“Our Futureaudio content management system closes the circle that we started many years ago. In addition to the remuneration of artists, a lot still needs to change and affordable technological alternatives for music creators are urgently needed in the independent music industry, we are now doing our part and still have a lot to do.”

Learn more about our CMS and how you can use it for yourself by visiting our website: www.futureaudio.de.