Distribution Audio

  • Manage your content with our DSP Content Management System  [DSPCMS]
  • All in one place: Music, YouTube Channels , Audio & Ebook
  • User Rights Management for your team 
  • Sub-Client Management
  • Delivery History, Take Downs, Updates – quick and fast !
  • Daily statistics of all available platforms
  • Display of chart positioning of all relevant platforms
  • Visibility of your tracks in Spotify playlists
  • Batch Upload / Metadata Import / modern User Interface
  • Export of Metadaten / Reports for Fox, Details or personalized formats
  • Export of GVL usable documents
  • YouTube Claims visible per title / product
  • Advice on all matters related to Digital Media Distribution
  • Optional : Generation of Video Content (Pak Shot Videos)
  • Optional : Mastering & Vinyl Cut
  • Optional : Promotion



    • Monetize your content on YouTube
    • Individual Content ID [CID] strategy to claim third party uploads
    • Personal, YouTube certified, contact person
    • Personalized strategy development for your YouTube Appearance
    • Optimize your YouTube channel according to YouTube guidelines
    • Overview of your content & channels
    • Individual UGC (User Generated Content) strategy
    • In-house genre channels to extend your watchtime & reach
    • Reviewing and Editing of YouTube Claims & Conflicts
    • YouTube Analytics in detail visible in your account


    Distribution Film

    • Specified Partner Labels for VR, 4K and 3D Content
    • Worldwide video on demand distribution 
    • International sales network
    • Genre specific Film YouTube Channels
    • Netflix, Watchbox, Amazon Prime, Maxdome, Studio Hamburg, NDR and more..



    The Futureaudio music publishers have professional competence in various areas of the music industry, such as publishing activities, music productions, record releases and music distribution. We are always looking for new authors and producers in all genres.



    Digital Media Distribution

    Our goal is to work together with our customers long term and successfully. For this we combine personal service with future-oriented technology.
    We have a long-standing international sales network that includes all relevant services in the areas of music, film, TV and e-book. In doing so, we distribute and license all genres of digital content of all kinds. In addition, we produce physical sound carriers and have a connected music publisher.

    Furthermore, futureaudio is the partner for high-quality music productions of all genres with a focus on in-house productions.

    Over the past 30 years, we have built a strong platform of artists, labels, and digital & physical distributors to support our business worldwide. With our various in-house labels, analog & digital music studios as well as many years of experience in artist & label management, brand development and marketing, we have extensive capabilities for the professional development and successful placement of music content of all genres.

    In addition, we have an international network of partners for the digital distribution and sale & licensing of video content VR, 4K and 3D content to u.a. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Watchbox, Studio Hamburg, NDR and more. Genre Specific YouTube movie content channels provide another way to bring their content to a broader audience.

    So you do not lose track of or control over your digital content, our Digital Service Provider Content Management System [DSPCMS] serves as the hub for all your activities.

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    TC Recordings, Zap Beats Productions, Bawa Kong, Yung.Tone, Futureaudio, Salto Recordings, Cafe Americaine, Pure Boyz, Shy Groove, Musica Relaxa, Ananya Records, Nakayama Records, Resobox Records, WEAR Records, IKARI Records, LO-FI Records, SMASH! Records, Sofa Chillers, World of Techno…

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