Making music is a creative process, but the business side can be very dry and boring for many. For this reason, there are all-in-one distributors such as Tunecore, which upload music to various portals such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. These offers are based on the assumption that you do not yet exist online. But what if you already have a deal with Amazon or Spotify, for example? The all-in-one solutions hardly allow for individual configurations and are often unable to meet the requirements of record labels, artist collectives or distributors. You need individually tailored solutions. Reason enough to take a closer look at Futureaudio’s alternative range, because they offer individual solutions.

Like all distributors, Futureaudio provides access to online stores and streaming service providers. However, they also have modular software that can be configured according to your own requirements and can also be expanded at a later date. In addition to the classic functions for sales, statistics, billing, etc., there are many helpful features that make everyday work easier. For example, it is possible to supply existing sales partners and use existing sales contracts. The client system makes it possible to add additional clients, including User and rights management. It is also nice that you can customize the software graphically. Integrating logos and the like is no problem. This can provide a motivation boost for the rather dry administrative tasks, which are just some of the highlights offered by this white label solution. More on the Futureaudio website.

Futureaudio’s offer is as individual as the services requested are billed individually. Therefore, you need to contact Futureaudio to get a perfectly tailored offer.

Of course, such a service is not aimed at amateurs who upload a few tracks a month. It is aimed at artists, labels and distributors who have a correspondingly large catalog that needs to be managed clearly and professionally. It’s not called the music business for nothing and the business has to be managed. The fact that professionals are being addressed is made clear by the fact that customers of the digital rights agency Merlin Network benefit from the offer.

This product may be of interest to some readers of I find the individual configuration and total control over the data exciting. It’s a shame that such an offer is not also available for small artists who have to struggle with all-in-one solutions.

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