You wanna hear the dirty truth? This is it! And Peter Kirn tells it straightforward with three new techno tracks, none of which leaves any room for speculation. Neither do the four related remixes by a fabulous archipelago of underground techno artists based in Berlin, Hamburg and Tokyo. No question: Snork#96 is a nonstop underground dancefloor blast, ready to rough up the club.
As a hardware producer himself, Peter Kirn knows exactly what he is heading for with each single beat. This time, he pushes the buttons right into the veins of all those who seek for a concentrated, ironclad sound. His basic pulse is merciless from the start and never loses its drive. And he takes it further and further, until the very edge. This feeling he creates is best described in his titles “Breakdown”, “Clawhammer Thump”, and “This world is not my home”. You see, there’s absolutely no whitewashing – just the roughness of three genuine techno confessions.

Label: Snork Enterprises
Beatport Release: 10.8.2018
Genre: Techno