This is what it sounds like if you listen to nature through an electronic ear. Pure ambient. Pure relaxation. Pure listening. Turn off your daily hustle and just fade in this wonderful acoustic world of silence and slowness – made by the new project Studio416 straight out of Berlin.
With its five new tracks „Schnee“ (snow), „Nebel & Tau“ (fog and dew), „Frühling“ (spring), „Herbst“ (fall), and „Weg“ (way), Studio416 has created a voluminous and dynamic set of productions that are a feast for every ambient lover – and even those who haven’t been real advocates of this genre may learn once again, how powerful and driving real good ambient music can be. It is clearly music that opens your ears and refills your inner battery. So fortunately despite the title, we will have a lot more than five minutes of finest chill-out-music for our next walk through nature.

Label: Snork Enterprises
Release: 20.4.2018
Genre: Ambient