Great Sound. New Color. Old Intentions. Same Groove.
While we’ve been browsing through our Relax2000 stock, we’ve found some fantastic releases that are so pure that we want to give them a fresh coat and include them in our FEINWERK family. So please meet our new re-release coming from Relax2000 – out now hot and heavy on FEINWERK records.

This record is a kind of non Schlager-music based piece of electronic ravey shit! Dave Tarrida and Mike Fuzz are back, both know for the cooperations on Shitkatapults
sublabel Musick, combine this time again nice guitar and bass to phat rave punk beats. Dave himself released in past a lot of great music on labels like Tresor, Sativae, BPitch,
Feinwerk, Mosquito and many more and currently he works on new projects for Boys Noize! So be prepared for Dave´s Rave!

Label: Feinwerk
Release: 13.04.2018
Genre: Techno