Great Sound. New Color. Old Intentions. Same Groove. While we’ve been browsing through our Relax2000 stock, we’ve found some fantastic releases that are so snorky that we want to give them a fresh yellow and black coat and include them in our Snork family. So please meet our new re-release coming from Relax2000 – out now hot and heavy on Snork Enterprises.

Marquee gets it’s big umta-umta circus organs out right from the start, some really different digital synth vibrations which give us more parameters of interest than just cutoff and resonance. Pausing for a mass modulated voom-break, Vocal stabs are added, delayed and stretched, with just a sprinkling of reverb to complete the creation.

Remute pops Marquee back in the oven to re-heat with the help of his trademark driving rhythms which pump and throb to the delight of dancefloors everywhere. The delays are fed into once more, as the feedback builds, ready for a drop back into the pump n’ hump.

Label: Snork Enterprises
Release: 23.3.2018
Genre: Techno