It’s dark and it’s groovy. It’s a real fine wine for your ears. Snork Enterprises serves you it’s new release by Miro Pajic and Berk Offset “Schwarzburgunder” together with a couple of stunning remix editions by no less than Remute, Norman, Sender Berlin and Syntax Error. Six amazing acts of the Snork Enterprises family are gathered to celebrate this delicious techno vine.
Like a tough drink, Schwarzburgunder immediately blows you mind. The bass drum fills your veins and the mysteriously whispering voices cloud your senses. In spite of everything, the groove makes you move. Starting off from this stunning basis, Remute pours a good portion of madness in. Norman adds some heavy substance. Sender Berlin fills in trippiness and Syntax Error wraps everything in his dodgy signature style. Five underground techno hymns and each of them is just right – so don’t take a sip, take the whole bottle!

Label: Snork Enterprises
Beatport Release: 29.05.2017
Genre: Techno