Once upon a time, there was a place, where sounds were a little darker, noises were a little more screechy and electronic music was a little more dramatic – that’s where this tale was told, right at the fingertips of Tobias Schmidt. For the new Feinwerk #34, the Brighton techno ambassador has unwrapped three chapters of finest techno experimentalism.

Like in a fantastic story, his acoustic strings go up and down, building a strong suspense. Clearly, it never gets repetitive. Each sound is right in place. And he exactly knows when to set the pause. Rhythm and style are his tools to create three exciting tracks – each with its own weirdness and a slight sci-fi taste. Warp sounds, catfight tunes, horror game soundtrack – it’s a playground for your imagination. For sure it speaks to a rather shadowy craziness – yet always with a solid drive.

Label: Feinwerk
Beatport Release: 15.5.2017
General Release: 29.5.2017
Genre: Techno