Moin Air Liquide

Wir freuen uns, AIR LIQUIDE als neuen Partner in unserem Vertriebsnetzwerk begrüssen zu dürfen. Futureaudio übernimmt u.a. die Auswertung aller musikalischen Inhalte (Distribution & YouTube) Air Liquide ist eine deutsche Technoformation, bestehend aus Ingmar Koch („Dr. Walker“) und Cem Oral („Jammin‘ Unit“, später Gründer des Projekts Ultrahigh), die 1991 gegründet wurde. Koch und Oral veröffentlichten weitere Platten unter den Pseudonymen Madonna 303[1] und Jammin‘ Unit & Walker. Oral und…

The Mighty Macs

In the early 70s, Cathy Rush becomes the head basketball coach at a tiny, all-girls Catholic college. Though her team has no gym and no uniforms — and the school itself is in danger of being sold — Coach Rush looks to steer her girls to their first national championship.

The Shunning

Beautiful Katie Lapp has always felt something missing in her simple Amish existence — until a mysterious „Englisher“ comes to Lancaster County looking for the baby girl she gave up for adoption 19 years ago.

Space Dogs

Belka, the amazing flying dog is unexpectedly hurdled into the streets of Moscow when the rocket she is in malfunctions during one of her circus routines. Fortunately the crash leads her to meet a streetwise dog named Strelka and her irredeemable rat friend Venya. Together with other amusing friends found along the way, the three find themselves in a space program-training center where they get sent away in a rocket, leaving planet Earth…

Der 16te Wunsch

The story about Abby Jensen, a girl who’s been eager to reach her 16th birthday and has kept a secret wish list since she was a little girl. When the Big Day actually arrives, utter disaster strikes, leaving Abby to think her birthday is ruined. But when a mysterious box of magical birthday candles arrives to turn things around, Abby’s 16 Wishes start to come true. Her day gets better and better…until she makes one…


William Byron Hillman’s family comedy Quigley stars Gary Busey as a cold-hearted billionaire. Early in the film he dies. After dying, he learns that he will only get into heaven if he learns lessons about compassion and selflessness. In order to have a chance, he is reincarnated on Earth as a Pomeranian. As a dog, he seeks to undo much of the damage he inflicted on those around him when he was human.

YouTube Music und YouTube Premium

YouTube Music und YouTube Premium nun endlich auch in Deutschland und Österreich gestartet. Es gibt eine neue App und verschiedene Preismodelle, zwischen denen man wählen kann. Detailinformationen und Updates findet ihr immer auf dem YouTube Blog, die Links in Deutsch und Englisch findet ihr am Ende dieses Beitrags. Hier ein kleiner Auszug aus der offiziellen…

Moin Kompass Records

We welcome our new partner in our distribution network : KOMPASS RECORDS. Futureaudio will handle the evaluation of the musical content. KOMPASS RECORDS is a Germany-based record label, founded in 2018, as a playground for all types of electronic music.   Wir freuen uns, KOMPASS RECORDS als neuen Partner in unserem Vertriebsnetzwerk begrüssen zu dürfen. Futureaudio übernimmt u.a. die Auswertung aller musikalischen…

Oliver Lieb Dance Charts #2

Oliver Lieb aka L.S.G. ist mit seinem Album : L.S.G. – Rendezvous in Outer Space in den iTunes Bulgarien Dance Charts auf #2 eingestiegen. Oliver Lieb aka L.S.G. reached the #2 at the iTunes Dance Charts in Bulgaria with his album : L.S.G. – Rendezvous in Outer Space. iTunes